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We  carry Quadco brand and Ballantine teeth.
If we don’t have them, we can get them!!!!

Item10607 – Tigercat 724E Feller BuncherItem10607a
New 28L tires
5702 Head
6400 hours
Located in Sheridan, Arkansas
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Item10609 – Tigercat 724D Feller BuncherItem10609a
5702 head
Located in West Plains, MO
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Item10603 – Bell Ultra C Feller BuncherItem10603
Cummins Diesel 4BTA3.0 engine
Hot saw
28.Lx26 tires with chains
 Both drive assemblies are fresh reman

Item10615 – HydroAx 670 Feller BuncherItem10615



Firestone: 30.5×32  $2950.00
Nokian:  30.5×32     $2500.00






Item6804 -John Deere 748H Log SkidderItem6804
2012.  Dual arch.  NEW  30.5  Firestone Tires
Here is a list of repairs done in our shop.
* Check and adjust coolant freeze point at -34 degree F
* Reseal any leaking hydraulic cylinders
* Perform hydraulic pump case drain test to verify pump condition
* Replace engine oil & filter as well as fuel filters
* Check and adjust valves on the engine
* Replace winch driveshaft
* Replace carrier bearing
* Check a/c and heater operation.  Replace cabin air filter.
* Repair / replace dozer pins & bushings
* Replace arch to frame pins & bushings
* Replace arch to boom pins & bushings
* Check and top off all fluid levels as required.


Item6809 – John Deere 748H Log SkidderItem6809-1
6100 hours
NEW ENGINE 3000 hours ago
2 NEW 30.5 tires
2 used tires at 85%


Item6806 – John Deere 748G IIIItem6806
New engine
New hyd pump
New Center Section
SWEDA axles
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List of repairs we did in our shop:
*Replaced damaged cable rollers.
*Replaced pins, bushings, lock collar and seals in articulation joint.
*Resealed all leaking hydraulic cylinders.
*Replace cabin air filter and recharge a/c system.
*Check and adjust diff-lock pressure.
*Replace master shut-off switch and install one new battery.
*Replace main hydraulic pump and filter
*Install John Deere long block including:
a. John Deere water pump
b. Torsional damper
c. Turbocharger
d. Two new radiator hoses
e.  Engine oil drain valve
f.  Fuel line seals
g.  Oil, air and fuel filters
h.  New belt, belt tensioner and rebuilt alternator
i.  Refilled coolant system for protection to -34 deg. F
* Replace exhaust from turbo elbow out.
* Install pins and bushings as necessary
* Replace front axle brake seals
* Refill axles, transmission and hydraulic tank

Item6805- John Deere 748G III skidderItem6805
2004.   Dual arch.   30.5 x 32 tires
Here is a list of repairs done in our shop:
* Check and adjust coolant freeze point to -34 deg. F
* Reseal grapple rotate manifold
* Replace grapple rotate gear and bearings
* Reseal all leaking hydraulic cylinders; replace cylinder rods, pins & bushings as needed.
* Tighten front axle oscillation joint end play
* Check a/c and heater operation
* Repair battery cable ends. Replace master shut off. Install 2 new batteries.
* Reseal brake valve
* Replace front and rear axle brake piston seals.
* Recover seat.
* Install new cab tilt safety cable.
* Refill front and rear axles, hydraulic tank and transmission
* Perform main hydraulic pump case drain test to verify condition of pump.
* Check differential lock for proper operation.
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Item6801 – John Deere 648G III Log SkidderItem6801-2
Good 30.5 x 32 tires
Here is a list of repairs done in our shop:
Replaced engine oil drain valve and serviced engine oil & filter as well as fuel filters.
Resealed & repaired leaking hydraulic cylinders.

Replaced cylinder pins and bushings as necessary.
Replaced all leaking hydraulic hoses.
Perform diagnostics test on service codes.
Replaced sensors as necessary including a new ECU.
Repaired dozer blade weldments and replaced dozer pin & bushings.
R & R front axle and replaced seals, sleeves and bushings for the oscillating dual pivot.
Separate machine and replace seals, bushings, sleeves, pins and locking collar for the center articulation joint.
Put machine back together.  Replaced bumper stop pads.
Resealed steering motor and replaced steering motor mounts.
Add antifreeze to adjust freeze protection to negative 34 degrees F.
Reseal brake valve.
Refill hydraulic tank with oil and replaced the hydraulic oil return filter.
Recover seat.
Check a/c and heater for operation.
Replace receiver dryer, compressor, condenser, suction & discharge hose.
Charge system and check for operation.
Replaced main engine belt.
Replaced exhaust system from turbo out.
Performed a case drain test on the hydraulic pump. Pump passed inspection



Item6778 – John Deere 648 GIII Log SkidderItem6778
Single arch
Here is a list of repairs made in our shop:
Replace water pump & adjust freeze point to -25 deg F.  Replace radiator cap.
Repair exhaust leaks.
Check cab jack for operation.
R & R front differential and replace brakes seals & bushings as necessary.
Reseal hydraulic cylinders as necessary.
Replace leaking hydraulic hoses as necessary.
Reseal grapple rotate swivel, shock absorber & install new rotate switch.
Service engine & replace engine oil drain valve.
Replace transmission mount.
Replace cabin air filter, receiver drier. Check a/c for operation.
Check differential lock for operation and replace filter.
Install new center pins.
Install cylinder pins & bushings as necessary.
Repair arch to frame weldments and replace pins & bushings as necessary.
Replace steering bumper pads.
Replace driveline pillow block.
Check engine for intermittent low engine oil pressure code.
Replaced engine oil pump. Replaced main and rod bearings.
Readjusted hydraulic oil pressure and performed a pump case drain test.
Replaced blade and arch port relief.
Replaced hydraulic oil check valve.


Item6812 – John Deere 648G III Item6812
Torque converter transmission
Coming in soon
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Item6739 – Timberjack 460 DG Log SkidderItem6739a
Dual arch
Torque converter transmission
30.5 x 32 tires


Item6813 – John Deere 648G III Log SkidderItem6813a
Engine Rebuilt in January
Just in !






Slasher Saw BarSlasher Nose rollerSlasher Grinder






 Thank you to Rineco in Benton, Arkansas
for the first purchase of 2 Serco 200F loaders
to be delivered in July, 2016.

Item8508 – Prentice 2384B Log LoaderItem8508
CTR 426 delimber
8600 hours




Item8495 – John Deere 437 Log LoaderItem8495
CSI 264 Delimber
Tight and dry
Woods Ready


Item8527 _ Barko 160A Log LoaderItem8527
6 cylinder Cummins
Slasher hydraulics
Rotobec Grapple


Item10585 – CTR 320 DelimberItem10585
Cradle mount
Excellent Shape